Remortgage of a loan without Polonius

In German households, too, it often happens that a loan has not yet been fully paid off, but an emergency situation requires borrowing again. In this case, it is possible to make a longer-term loan out of existing loans (for example, for the discretionary loan) and to repay the loan amount. Even if the loans are loans without Polonius, rescheduling is possible. But rescheduling is not an option for every loan and every borrower. It is important to take a look at the term of the loan.

This usually takes several years, and when large parts of the loan have already been paid off, many borrowers are thinking about rescheduling. However, rescheduling only makes sense if the repayment cost of the current loan is higher than the alternatives available. If a rescheduling is made, but extends the term of the loan, but in the best case, the borrower can save some euros.

Debt rescheduling even with negative polonius?

Debt rescheduling even with negative polonius?

If a loan is rescheduled in cooperation with a traditional branch bank, it usually obtains Polonius information about the borrower to ensure repayment. If the bank detects a negative Polonius entry during the review, then rescheduling is usually not possible. If you want to repatriate a loan without Polonius, you should go to the Internet. There, in the recent past, more and more lenders have emerged, which allows a rescheduling without the solicitation of Polonius information.

The borrower does not need to worry about such offers, either, that these are dubious offers. Credit institutions that facilitate rescheduling without Polonius often cooperate with reputable banks in Switzerland. Swiss banks often refrain from checking the creditworthiness and do not solicit Polonius information about the borrower. The rescheduling of a loan without Polonius thus presents itself to the borrower unproblematic and profitable dar. Also, the expected lending rates are often cheaper for such loan offers, so that the rescheduling for the borrower really worthwhile.